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Website Questionnaire Form

Customer Information

The more information that you can supply us with in this form, the more informed and useful our response will be to you. Don't worry if you are not sure of all the details-- we will be happy to work with you to hone in on what functionality will best suit your needs!

Goals For Your Web Site

Is it ready to use for your own website (Do you own the content)?

Interests, gender, age group, income base. If B2B, what kind of businesses

Customer/Client Interactivity

Customer/client interactivity are those functions that allow site visitors to submit or retrieve information from your web site. These solutions are a great way to open and maintaining communications between your company and potential or existing customers and clients. You can collect data and generate usable information through mailing lists, catalog requests, forums, and more.

Standard pages on a web site usually consist of: About Our Company, Customer Service Information, Privacy Policy, Products and Services Overview, Contact Information, etc

Info about your products and services
Interface Design / Aesthetic

In order to provide you with a more accurate assessment, we need to know a bit more information about the graphics and media development required for your site and display.

Marketing & Promotion

Which of these are most important. List from best to least best (First, Second, Third, Forth, Fifth)

Site Hosting, Budget & Time Frame

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