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Why Choose MoeGraphix?

Why Choose MoeGraphix Design Studio to Design Your Website?

So you’ve probably looked around the internet for website design providers and noticed there are A LOT to choose from! You’ve also probably noticed that a lot of them offer basic template designs that would take no time at all to build. This is why many of those companies do not charge a design and setup fee. On the other end you’ve probably run across website development companies who offer very nice designs and a great content management system, but charge a high rate to design your site!! Then on top of that, they are charging between minimum of $50-$100 per month for web hosting!

MoeGraphix Design Studio’s vision is to offer smaller companies who have a more limited budget the opportunity to have a really nice looking CUSTOM website that looks CURRENT and up to date. The look and feel of their unique website will match their brand as they build a strong web presence. Yes, we charge a design and implementation fee, but that is because we are actually designing you a customized, unique, professional looking website that takes a lot of time to make. However, our fees are still well below what most professional custom website providers charge. We are not competing with providers who just use templates. We want your site to really stand out from the crowd!

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